PASSIVE EYE is a self-powered device
for asset and environmental monitoring
that never needs battery recharging

The problem with existing remote asset monitoring devices

Battery Powered GPS Trackers

All portable GPS trackers are battery powered and all need manual battery recharging. Managing 1 or 2 portable trackers is easy. At scale, it’s a complex, time consuming and expensive problem. Which one of hundreds is about to die? Once dead, you have data starvation and if it moves, where is it? To recharge it, do I bring the asset back to base or send a person out into the field? Either option is expensive.

The Passive Eye Solution

Passive Eye is a complete, zero-maintenance system for tracking and monitoring the kind of assets used outdoors. It starts with our patented self-powered, self-sustaining tag that never needs battery recharging and it provides companies with location, asset utilisation, anti-theft and damage event reports and it can monitor a broad range of environmental factors without the disruption and cost of battery recharging. The system includes our cloud-based platform, an API and our white label responsive user interface.

Monitoring is More than just an Asset’s Location

Passive Eye provides a range of information for mobile and fixed assets, for static infrastructure installations, information for the environmental conditions inside containers and transport trailers and for remote and autonomous monitoring devices for air quality, water quality and a broad range of other factors- with no battery recharging.

Passive Eye provides the Complete Solution

Passive Eye provides the entire system, from the tag that collects or generates the data, the backend cloud database and servers that processes the data and the front end and responsive user interface that presents the information on the full range of desk, laptop and mobile devices.


Get the information you need for effective marshalling and deployment

There are risks to keeping valuable assets outside. Even large assets can be stolen. Fixed assets or assets laid up for a season are out of sight and out of mind, or assets can just be in the wrong place when you need them. Passive Eye enables companies to track and keep track of their vital assets mobile and static assets that are used or kept outdoors.


Passive Eye is a complete system. Click the link below to learn about the kind of reports we can provide to meet your needs. 



Passive Eye is a multi-faceted product. Click below to learn how our patented power management system works for you.



Our patented energy harvesting and power management technology gives Passive Eye a significant competitive advantage.