Passive Eye

How we Do It

GPS is a technology that ‘lives’ outside and Passive Eye harvests the kind of energy that’s found … outside. We harvest radio frequency and solar radiation and we generate power from movement.

energy harvesting

The power is managed by our patent pending, power management technology.


Mobile Data Network (GPRS)

Passive Eye’s ‘tag’ connects to the Internet and send data using the same network as your mobile phone (GPRS - the ubiquitous, worldwide mobile voice and data network). Using GPRS, our standard reporting frequency is 10 reports per hour

LPWAN (SigFox and LoRa)

Passive Eye is able to send data using SigFox or LoRa (Semtech's long range, low power radio protocol) to the appropriate internet gateway. Both are designed for 'Internet of Things' devices. The low power requirements are ideal for assets that operate or are positioned in a defined area such as airports, construction or exploration sites, large farms or ranches. Using LPWAN, Passive Eye is able to accommodate a reporting frequency of up to 60 reports per hour.