Passive Eye

What we do

Passive Eye is a self-powered GPS tag that reports the location of a moving asset and it’ll send an alarm when a static asset starts to move.

For assets that move, Passive Eye reports on an asset's location

  • GPS is a reliable technology.
  • All existing portable GPS trackers use batteries
  • All batteries need periodic recharging – which means a maintenance department is needed
  • The cost of a maintenance department to go around recharging batteries, is prohibitive
  • Passive Eye eliminates the cost of a maintenance department making it a viable and cost effective solution for asset tracking

For assets that move - Passive Eye helps companies locate mobile assets for efficient asset management

For assets that shouldn’t move - Passive Eye is a virtual alarm

  • It can remain in place and completely unattended for years
  • it will send an alarm the moment it detects movement or vibration
  • NO wires
  • NO maintenance
  • NO battery recharging - ever