Passive Eye

Who's it for

Asset Tracking

For companies with high value - or highly valued mobile or static assets that are positioned outside and distributed over a relatively large area.

User Case 1: A facilities management company that's responsible for the programmed maintenance of mobile aircraft support equipment that can be anywhere within an airport boundary at any one time. Passive Eye enables them to locate a specific asset for its programmed preventative maintenance instead of wasting hours trying to track it down.

User Case 2: The electricity grid in many countries in Africa is less than reliable. Each cell phone tower has a diesel generator to provide emergency power in case of an outage. These generators are often stolen with consequences that far outweigh their replacement costs. Passive Eye sends an alarm and periodic location reports if the asset that shouldn't move, starts to move.

Passive Eye is ideal for companies in the construction and oil & gas industries, the container and transport sector, agriculture and operators of equipment that is laid up for long periods.

EG 1: When a trailer is separated from its cab, it has no power. Passive Eye can report on its position and our 'Hub' version can record every package going into the trailer and the location whenever a package is removed from the trailer - without the need to plug into the lorry's electrical system.

EG 2: Combine harvesters are expensive beasts. They remain laid up in a field for the off season, out of sight and out of mind. The batteries are disconnected and they have no power. Passive Eye will send an alarm the moment someone starts to move it.

GPS is a technology that 'lives' outside and Passive Eye harvests the kind of energy that's found ... outside. We harvest radio frequency and solar radiation and we generate power from movement.

The power is managed by our patent pending, power management technology.

Asset Management

Passive Eye's 'tag' connects to the Internet and send data using the same network as your mobile phone (GPRS - the ubiquitous, worldwide mobile voice and data network). Using GPRS, our standard reporting frequency is 10 reports per hour

A complete system


Passive Eye is a complete, end-to-end system and consists of

  • the self-powered tracking 'tag',
  • the self-contained communications module for GPRS (using a universal SIM chip) or LoRa
  • the user interface to display the location information and to adjust the operational parameters
    • user interface is white label so it can be nested in any company's website under that company's branding as if it's their native application
    • an API is available if a company wishes to aggregate the data for large data analysis
    • for security, the data sent by Passive Eye is encrypted. If required however, Passive Eye can send the data direct to an organisation's own server and database instead of the data being redirected from Passive Eye's own cloud based servers
    • registered 'owners' have admin control to set certain operational parameters; to set an unlimited number of geo-fences; to download or delete their data from Passive Eye's system; to add any number of 'passive viewers' who can log on to see the location of an asset but who do not have administrative control. If a company has multiple Passive Eye tags, an owner or viewer can log on and see the current location of all the tags. Select any one tag to view the current and past locations for the period selected.