Our self-powered tag works for you – not you for it

Self-powered tags for the lowest possible life-time operating cost

Imagine how much simpler (and less costly) life could be if you had:
  • Ambient energy to power your monitoring devices instead of manual battery recharging
  • No information starvation while remote device were recharging
  • Patented power management technology for self-sustaining operations *
  • Always-on asset and environmental monitoring

*United States patent granted and patent pending in the 38 countries of the European Patent Organisation.

No power checking

No battery Re-Charging

No Data Starvation

Transport and logistics

Drop shipping of trailers is common. When detached, the trailer has no power and drops off the ‘radar’. The Passive Eye tag is totally independent of any existing power supply and provides continuing visibility.

Construction & Mining

Substantial pieces of machinery are required for major construction sites and mining operations. Even major pieces of machinery can be stolen.

Container Shipping

Containers pass through many hands from a supplier to the end customer. Shipping containers may not always be under a company’s direct control and content damage may be the result of rough handling by others.

Passive Eye monitors shock load and tilt and will send a damage event report. Knowing when and where a damage event took place could help mitigate liability and lower a company’s insurance costs.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry loses over $1 billion worth of equipment every year. Nothing is the answer to everything but Passive Eye’s zero maintenance monitor is always on, always monitoring and can provide an immediate alert for unauthorised movement.

Critical (static) infrastructure

There’s a vast network of structures and equipment that forms a vital and crucial part of our national infrastructure. The cost of installing powered alarm systems to monitor and protect the vast network of devices is eye wateringly expensive. Passive Eye’s monitoring tag does not require connection to any existing power system and could send an alarm if unusual motions or vibrations take place which could indicate unauthorised tampering. 

The ease of installation, the low capital cost and running costs and the self-sustaining attributes of the product means a far lower lifetime cost to provide always-on monitoring.

Agriculture, farming and forestry

Farm machinery is expensive, specialised and invariably spends months at a time, laid-up when ‘out of season’. Passive Eye is an easy to install tag which monitors movement and vibration. Sensitivity can be adjusted and an alarm will be sent the moment movement limits are breached. Out of sight and peace of mind.

Remote Environmental Monitoring

Most IoT devices will be connected to a power source, in factories, offices and in the home. A significant number however will be remote and autonomous sensors positioned outside to monitor such things as air quality, water quality, noise, vibration and many other factors.

Passive Eye’s energy harvesting and power management technology is an ideal platform for a broad range of sensors and would provide the same zero-maintenance benefits as that provided for static and mobile assets.