A portable device to TRACK, MONITOR & PROTECT your field assets.
No battery recharging

Passive Eye is a portable monitoring device for the marine and freight transporting industries that

Efficiency starts with information

Our unique patented technology allows uninterrupted monitoring of your assets, no downtime and no manual battery recharging. EVER!
Asset location
Anti-theft alarms
Asset efficiency
Asset utilization
Damage event reports
Condition monitoring alerts
Complete integrated (front-end hardware/backend platform) system with no manual battery recharging costs
 All this with NO manual battery recharging costs!  

Why Passive Eye?

There are hundreds of portable GPS trackers on the market and several use solar to augment their lithium batteries. Batteries cannot charge and discharge simultaneously so while they’re recharging, they are offline, not monitoring and not reporting. We’re not.

Our patented dual energy harvesting and power management technology gives Passive Eye a major performance and competitive advantage because our devices are always on, always harvesting and always monitoring to provide unbroken continuity of service without the cost of manual battery recharging.

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