For companies that want to track and monitor their assets but don’t want the high maintenance cost of battery recharging

Industries our technology works for

Transport and logistics (road and rail)

The value of the shipment is in the trailer. International trucking operations often requires that the trailer is detached from one cab and attached to another for the onward journey. If all your information comes from the telemetric device in the cab, the trailer and the contents ‘drop off the radar screen’. Drop shipping of trailers is also common. When detached, the trailer has no power and drops off the ‘radar’. The Passive Eye tag is designed to track, monitor and protect unpowered trailers. It is totally independent of any existing power supply and provides uninterrupted supply chain visibility.

Trains hauling bulk rail cargo only send location information when the cargo hoppers are attached to the engines. If pulled onto a siding and the engines are detached, the entire train carrying the cargo, disappears. Passive Eye’s portable self-powered tag is ideal for monitoring the progress and condition of long-haul rail cars.

Container Shipping

Containers pass through many hands from a supplier to the end customer. Shipping containers may not always be under a company’s direct control and content damage may be the result of rough handling by others.

Passive Eye monitors shock load and tilt and creates a ‘damage event’ report which can be downloaded if there’s a claim for content damage. Knowing the time, date and location when a damage event took place could help identify the responsible sub-contractor, help the shipping company to mitigate their liability and lower their insurance costs.

Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Ranching and Forestry

In these industries, substantial and valuable capital equipment is often unattended for extended periods of time or, like a combine harvester in the middle of winter, laid-up when ‘out of season’. Even major pieces of machinery can be stolen. The disruption let alone the replacement costs that aren’t covered by insurance can inflict substantial costs on the margins of a project. Passive Eye is an easy to install tag that continuously monitors movement and vibration. Sensitivity can be adjusted and if mounted on a static asset, Passive Eye functions as an alarm and will send and re-send SMS and email alarms the moment movement limits are breached. Once an alarm is sent, Passive Eye sends location reports to asset recovery, all without ever needing manual battery recharging.

Critical (static) infrastructure

The cost of installing powered alarm systems to monitor and protect the vast network of structures and equipment that forms a vital and crucial part of our national infrastructure is eye wateringly expensive. Passive Eye’s monitoring tag does not require connection to any existing power system or ongoing maintenance and would send an alarm if unusual motions or vibrations take place which could indicate unauthorised tampering.

The ease of installation, the low capital cost and running costs and the self-sustaining attributes of the product means a far lower lifetime cost to provide always-on monitoring.

Remote Environmental Monitoring

Passive Eye can support a broad range of passive sensors. That, combined with the advantage of not requiring a connection to an existing infrastructure, the ability to harvest the energy it requires, the elimination of the need to monitor power reserves to send personnel out into the field to manually recharge batteries makes Passive Eye the ideal platform to function as a remote and autonomous sensor positioned outside to monitor such things as air quality, water quality, noise, vibration and many other factors. Real-time alerts for particulates that exceed pre-set limits is extremely important for the oil and gas industry for example.

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